Why Get A Grip?

When it comes to Get A Grip, we like to make things easy for you; we want you to be free of any doubt and feel great about your decision. Here are just a few reasons people go with Get A Grip and why we continue to grow every single year.

10 Reasons Why People
Choose Get A Grip!

Cutting-edge products and materials that change with the times and can never become outdated. Exclusive patented products and trade models. Yes No
Affordable franchise fee for a completely exclusive and very substantial area. Yes No
No royalty fees of any kind. Ever. Yes No
Thorough training with an in-house technician and staff that have been part of the Get A Grip family since the beginning. Yes No
Hands-on training in the field demonstrating exactly how to approach both residential and commercial customers/job sites. Yes No
Free ongoing technical and marketing support by Get A Grip employees that have been doing this work for 15 years. No fees for any support whatsoever. Yes No
Affordable products and materials that make large amounts of commercial work a realistic and plausible goal. Yes No
Homeowners make up 30% of your total business. Products that can still impress any homeowner but are versatile enough to let you move quickly through commercial properties as well. Yes No
Affordable product cost enables commercial apartments, hotels, motels, and government housing to make up 70% of your total business. Get in, get out, quickly and efficiently. Yes No
Corporate office is a local, long-standing Get A Grip business that demonstrates exactly how to run a successful resurfacing company. Yes No