We are the Pros

Resurfacing Experts

When you become part of the GET A GRIP family, you receive on-the-job training from the experts in resurfacing. Ryan Dillard literally grew up learning all aspects of the GET A GRIP system. He and his team have experienced every resurfacing challenge and seen all customer situations.

They are ready to share their expertise, too. They often talk with franchisees in the field during a resurfacing job because that's when you need them. And there's no charge for this, unlike with some other companies.

"We're with you all the way," says Ryan. "You can call us any time with questions or problems. We'll work with you on technical issues and business concerns and help you ensure that your customer service is top notch."

Get A Grip's team is always formulating and improving products to bring you new and fresh methods, colors, textures and techniques. This is all a part of the GET A GRIP dedication to leading the resurfacing field. GET A GRIP doesn't rest on its laurels.

"Because of our years in the field, plus the fact that we're doing jobs everyday, we know that nothing can replace hands-on, practical knowledge," adds Ryan. "We want you to succeed, so let us pass on our techniques and tips so you'll be successful, too."


Safety, Products & Quality Control

The team of Austen Dillard and John Disque ensure that safety, product development and quality control are GET A GRIP's first priorities.

Austen joined the rest of his family at GET A GRIP as a field technician, and now oversees all aspects of the company's safety program. He teaches new dealers and franchises how to properly use the respirator mask and other safety equipment. He also ensures that existing dealerships and franchises maintain their mask certifications.

As a Certified Advanced Coatings Consultant through the Paint and Decorating Retailers Association, John researches and develops new and improved products and creates the technical information you need to do your job right. And he makes sure that the products you need are available when you need them at the best prices.

"GET A GRIP is on the cutting edge of the resurfacing industry and we're making sure we stay there," say Austen and John. "The industry changes so rapidly that continuing safety compliance, research and education are key."