EDGE Support

The right tools give you the professional edge in achieving the best results and leaving the competition behind. Once you join the Get A Grip family, you receive access to a members only website with the latest Get A Grip information on marketing, business practices, and sales. Find new products and techniques, advice and wisdom from the field, as well as important updates from the corporate office. We've poured our 15 years of experience in every aspect of resurfacing into this site available only to Get A Grip franchisees.



The most in-depth archived information source at your fingertips! In this website available only to franchisees, you will find the following:


  • Weekly inter-office memos
  • Monthly email newsletters
  • Online product ordering system
  • Safety & technical tips from our in-house technical consultant
  • Ongoing video training covering safety, technical tips, training, and much more!


  • Sundries catalogs with template diagrams for our patented Bio-Inlay® repair system
  • Exclusive product catalogs
  • Get A Grip’s Eurostone® color collections that set you apart from the competition
  • All MSDS forms, labels and information you could ever need

IN THE OFFICE: Get it Organized!

  • A field-tested system to help get your business started, and keep it running effectively and efficiently with continuous support from the corporate office
  • Detailed price schedules for residential and commercial customers that guarantee your business will make a profit
  • A thorough employee handbook, forms, and other vital information that aid in finding employees that will help bring out the full potential of your business


  • Marketing support geared toward residential homeowners, realtors, commercial apartments, hotels and motels that ensures you make the sale
  • Logo designs & layouts to maximize your advertising potential
  • Vehicle advertising and trade show booth templates from our franchises across the country
  • Before and after pictures to be used for advertising that showcase to customers just how versatile Get A Grip products can be
  • ID package layouts, advertisements, brochures and flyer design examples from our franchises across the country
  • Custom Grip-Gear™ design and layouts


  • In-depth operation manuals covering everything from technical information on our spray equipment and resurfacing processes, to the best way to go about managing and running your business effectively.