Specialty Items

The Competitive Edge … Exclusive Patented Product
The right tools can give you a professional edge in achieving the best results!

What makes Get A Grip different? The smartest solutions, the newest, patented products and techniques, plus our focus on the environment!

In fact, our exclusive, acid-free Porcelain Glaze™ solution prepares surfaces in an environmentally friendly way, something other porcelain resurfacing products can’t claim.

To ensure that we help your Get A Grip business stay on the leading edge of the resurfacing industry, we developed several patents for our exclusive, breakthrough resurfacing products. We have formulated all of our products specifically for the surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.

Our one-of-a-kind spray system, the OTTESEY®, allows us to create the unique texturing and design of the Eurostone® and Get A Metallic® countertop lines, which come in over 50 color choices. You can also modify and create custom colors for your customers to ensure you make the sale. The sky is the limit with Get A Grip.

Get A Grip specializes in fiberglass repair and resurfacing with our patented Bio-Inlay® repair system that works to the extreme by eliminating weak tubs and shower bottoms. This revolutionary system permanently transforms fiberglass tubs and showers to look like new because of the state of the art research and extensive field-testing we conduct to ensure the product performs.

Get A Metallic® is our new, modified high-performance coating system. Create spectacular results for your countertops with this product available only from Get A Grip.

Eurostone® multi-color fleck designs gives you the look and feel of stone or granite for all your countertop surfaces and can be created in endless color combinations.

Euroclear™ clear high-gloss and matte finishes for countertop surfaces.

OTTESEY® our one-of-a-kind spray system that allows us to create this unique texturing and design.

Grip-Cote™ countertop product is specially formulated and designed for laminate, cultured or faux marble resurfacing. This premium, modified high-performance coating system provides superior adhesion to all plastic substrates.

Grip-Cote™ for porcelain and tile provides 24-hour cure time and may be put into service the very next day. It’s breakthrough technology exclusively from GET A GRIP.

Grip-Cote™ resurfacing product specially formulated and designed for fiberglass resurfacing. This premium, modified thermoplastic coating provides superior adhesion to all plastic substrates.

A Legendary Reputation for Strength and Durability

Bio-Inlay® patented fiberglass repair system that works to the extreme, eliminating weak tubs and shower bottoms. This permanent and revolutionary system transforms fiberglass tubs and showers to look like new through modern techniques.

Bio-Adhesive™ exclusive glue kit for the Bio-Inlay®.

Grip-Tex™ permanent clear vinyl surface bathtub mat can be used as is or with your favorite design or company logo applied.

Grip-Guard™ micronized polymer for resurfacing surfaces.

Grip-Gear™ advertising-brochures, clothing, equipment, etc., available for your business.

Poly-Fil™ reconstruction polyester filler for porcelain and fiberglass repairs.

Por-Etch™ etching compound.

With Get A Grip, we provide the equipment and business tools for you to be in control of your career and future. Franchises use our innovative, proprietary products and techniques, as well as our proven, turnkey program with state-of-the-art operations manuals, a complete set of equipment, hands-on learning in the field, our nationwide network of franchises and dealers, and guidance from professional, friendly people who genuinely care about their success. This in-demand, recession-proof business is waiting for you.