Fiberglass Repair and Cultured Marble Resurfacing

Provide affordable and convenient services to your customers with Get A Grip’s patented fiberglass repair system.

Get A Grip franchises have access to our exclusive, patented Bio-Inlay® fiberglass repair system and Grip-Cote™ resurfacing product. This allows them to quickly, affordably and permanently eliminate weak tub and shower bottoms, repair cracks and transform fiberglass tubs, shower pans and enclosures. More and more properties have fiberglass bathtubs and shower surrounds in need of repairs and updates. You can service them the very next day and at a fraction of the cost of replacement. No one wants the inconvenience, mess and expense of replacing these expensive units (especially commercial property managers). Get A Grip is the fiberglass repair and resurfacing specialist.

Our before and after pictures really show what a difference fiberglass bathtub and shower repair and resurfacing from Get A Grip makes. Remember, we don’t simply cover up an existing bathtub or shower unit. Our franchises actually fix the problem instead of hiding it. Your customers will appreciate how much material you keep out of landfills each year by resurfacing instead of replacing. Get A Grip saves over 6,000,000 pounds a year!

We design our products specifically for fiberglass bathtub repair and resurfacing. The premium modified high-performance coating has superior adhesion to all plastic substrates and its durability is unmatched. Plus, they are rust and mold retardant, dent, scratch, stain and impact resistant. The also clean easily, too! Our reputation speaks for itself; it's why customers keep calling our franchises back week after week.

You will also be able to offer our extremely popular slip resistant surfaces. We have three different varieties, including a micro-polymer that can be mixed into our coatings and applied with our patented equipment, as well as a resin-rich, textured, slip-resistant surface that resembles a skid-resistant mat that comes in 9 different colors. Our franchises can answer the question: why replace when they can repair and resurface with the fiberglass experts?

We pride ourselves here at Get A Grip in providing durable products that are uniquely designed for each individual surface we plan to refinish.  This ensures our coating will adhere firmly, and you will have a fiberglass surface you can count on.

Care & Maintenance: Click here to learn how to properly care and maintain your newly-resurfaced fiberglass surface.

Warranty Information: Click here to learn more about what you can expect from your fiberglass warranty.