Cabinet Resurfacing

As a Get A Grip Franchise you will be able to offer your customers a smart, elegant and affordable way to update their kitchen, bathroom or office cabinets. You will be able to transform wood, metal or plastic cabinets with the look they want at a fraction of the cost of replacing. Plus, you won’t have to remove them and cause a big hassle for your customer. Get A Grip’s finishes are unsurpassed in cabinet resurfacing for their quick 24-hour cure time, as well as their durability and ease of cleaning.

You open up an entirely new market for your Get A Grip products and services by offering cabinet resurfacing in addition to countertops and bathroom surfaces.

Look at the before and after pictures and see what a difference cabinet resurfacing from Get A Grip makes in a home, apartment or office.  Your customers will see it too!

Get A Grip’s environmental consciousness is a big selling point for customers. Customers repeatedly say how much they value our environmental consciousness by keeping material out of landfills each year by resurfacing instead of replacing. How much? Enough to cover 132 NCAA basketball courts, or about 11 NFL football fields.  That’s over 6,000,000 pounds a year!

Our specially formulated Grip-Cote™ finish for cabinets lasts longer than conventional paint, is unsurpassed in the industry for durability, and actually cleans easier than conventional paint. This is especially important for commercial property managers who don’t have the money or time to repaint cabinets after every tenant vacates. Instead, they will call you because you can get the unit ready in as little as 24 hours!

As a Get A Grip technician you will be in and out in just one day, with cabinets back in service in just 24 hours. Our endless color selection and color matching to any décor means customers get exactly the look they want.  Compare that to the mess, inconvenience and expense of ordering brand new cabinets, waiting for them to be installed, and wondering if they’ll fit into the space as expected. Why would anyone choose new over Get A Grip’s patented resurfacing techniques?

We pride ourselves here at Get A Grip in providing durable products that are uniquely designed for each individual surface we plan to refinish.  This ensures our coating will adhere firmly, and you will have a cabinet finish you can depend on. 

Care & Maintenance: Click here to learn how to properly care and maintain your newly-resurfaced cabinets.